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Sometimes one second chance isn't enough.

Jimmy Thane thinks he knows about loss, about fear, about paranoia.

He should think again.

Every time Jimmy has been faced with a crossroad, he has taken the wrong path. But after years of drinking and womanising, he has been given one last chance to save both his career and his marriage - he has seven weeks to transform a failing company.

From the moment he enters the building, he senses there's something wrong - the place is too quiet, too empty. When the police come calling about the disappearance of the former CEO, Jimmy starts to wonder what he's got himself into. Then he discovers surveillance equipment in his neighbour's house, looking straight into his own front room. And his wife isn't just tired, she's terrified - and trying to hide it.

Nothing is at it seems. Jimmy's not living his dream - he's been plunged into the worst kind of nightmare. And when the truth comes out, it's more terrifying than he could ever imagine...

Praise for No Way Back:

"Beautifully plotted, fiendishly clever and one of the most impressive thrillers I've read in a long time.... Klein does many things well. He gleefully savages venture capitalists and turnaround wizards, he creates a villain who's about as scary as villains get, and he displays a remarkable ability to hoodwink his readers.... It's all a bit astonishing."

- The Washington Post

"Klein builds a mountain of suspense, only to coat it with oil so that every time readers think they have it all figured out, they’re sliding back to square one.... Infused with pacing worthy of the earlier works of Dean Koontz, Klein’s crafted a tale as tightly wound as a watch spring."

- Kirkus (Starred Review)

"This is one of the cleverest, most original thrillers I’ve read in an age."

- UBS Review of Books

"No Way Back is a deliciously written book, full of slick phrases, great characters and dark comedy, coupled with a plot that keeps driving forward relentlessly..."

- Daily Telegraph

"Comes together in a substantial surprise ending. An exciting corporate thriller."

- Booklist

"One of our Books of the Year 2013. Read this. Tension is ratcheted up, clues start making sense and you realise you are in a very dangerous world indeed. This is first class, recommended to all. A genuine page-turner, brilliant."

- Lovereading UK

"A must for those who enjoy paranoid thrillers.... a clever, witty thriller that steadily builds suspense.... The pacing is brisk and the ending is very surprising..."

- The Sydney Morning Herald

"So fast-paced you will want to read it from cover to cover in one sitting.... The tension cleverly builds up to an explosive finish that will have you reeling.... I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days."

- The York Press

"One of the best crime novels I have read in a long time."

- CrimeSquad

"Klein’s crisp, original voice is all at once peppy, funny, snappy, and darkly humorous.... Unlike many thriller authors out there, Klein assumes intelligence on the part of his readers."

- Library Journal

"Perfect for anyone who likes their thrillers to have a slow build and an ending that packs a punch"


"The ultimate page-turner... Every time you think you have got it figured out the events in the story will change your perception until the very moment that everything is revealed and you stare at the page in complete and utter shock."

- Nudge

"This is a completely ridiculous book based on a completely ridiculous idea, therefore it will, probably: 1) leap up the best-seller list, 2) be made into a movie and 3) appeal to conspiracy theorists and the deeply paranoid everywhere.... The tone is beyond racy; it's a winner."

- New Zealand Herald

"In many thrillers it's rather easy to see where the story is heading. The good guys struggle, the bad guys get it in the neck, world order is restored and everybody goes home for tea. Nothing is quite that straightforward in NO WAY BACK... There's more twists and turns in this tale than your average twisty-turny thing."

- AustCrime

Con Ed, Matthew Klein



In the world of the Big Con, there's only one rule: Make sure you're not the mark who's being played.

Praise for Con Ed:

"Con Ed is a brisk, clever, and charming page-turner.... The whole book is full of knowledgeable observations on the culture of Silicon Valley.... Con Ed is a winner, and crime fans should remember the name Matthew Klein."

- Booklist (starred review)

"Con Ed is funny, full of tricks and very, very hard to put down."

- Janet Maslin, New York Times

"There are enough twists and turns in this story to keep the reader firmly engaged and totally surprised at the end. Con Ed is slick, clever, and thoroughly entertaining."

- Library Journal

"A propulsive, noirish tale, as well as a smart allegory on the false promise of the Internet bubble.... Klein knows this turf, and the small details... are pitch-perfect."

- Kirkus Reviews

"Enormously entertaining...."

- Publishers Weekly

"Con Ed by Matthew Klein is a roller coaster of a book, wonderful fun from start to finish.... You are just going to love this terrific novel.... Twist after inventive twist.... Con Ed's a total gas and Matthew Klein is no con. He's the real thing, one hell of a writer."

- Robert Ward, author of Four Kinds of Rain

"Really great book. Honest."

- Lee Child, author of The Hard Way

"Sharp as a razor, witty as a late night host, Matthew Klein's con artist Kip Largo is that favorite uncle you want to spend a long afternoon in the bar with. Just look out for who ends up paying the tab. Con Ed is a book you won't put down until the last punchline is thrown."

- Jonathon King, author of The Blue Edge of Midnight

"Smart, crisp, charming.  Matthew Klein's irresistible first novel makes you feel like an insider to the grift."

- Alafair Burke, author of Judgment Calls



Switchback, Matthew Klein




Timothy Van Bender, Yale graduate and hedge fund manager in Palo Alto, lives a magical life: his business mints money; he wife, Katherine, is beautiful and charming; his young sexy secretary, Tricia, greets him each morning with a flirtatious smile.

Then, one Tuesday, everything changes. Timothy wakes to learn that his hedge fund has lost $24 million on a bad bet against the Japanese Yen. Timothy decides to double down and bet again. But the Yen keeps climbing, and his business investors start asking questions. With his company on the brink of collapse, he gets a call from his wife, who phones to say goodbye, moments before jumping off a cliff at Big Sur to her death. Timothy can't believe it, and nor, for that matter, can the local police.

And that's when his troubles start. As the police investigate Timothy, he investigates his dead wife's secrets. But when Tricia shows up on Timothy's doorstep, claiming to be his dead wife, and knowing secrets that only Katherine could know, Timothy's not sure what, or whom, to believe. Has he been given a second chance at happiness or is he being played for a fool in an elaborate scam that may cost him his life?

Praise for Switchback:

"If this fine little genre-bending adventure doesn't sell like hell, then there's no justice. It starts with a set-up primed for trouble: a gazillionaire hedge funder, the kind of guy who has no need to work very hard to earn the fanged envy of his colleagues, thanks not only to his money but also to his classy wife and the hormonal receptionist who lusts after him. Then, to the delight of us schadenfreude-ers, things go haywire. He mismanages clients' fortunes and loses them. Lawsuits loom. A trusted associate sells him out. His wife disappears after threatening suicide, and an astute homicide cop turns up at awkward moments. Baffled, our hero begins his own inquiry. It leads him, in a tense, twisty way, to a chance to get it all back. Mystery fans shouldn't be put off by the novel's brush with fantasy; this author knows what he's doing, and he does it in a high-energy prose that all but glitters on the page. Pay attention, and you can see the bloody finale coming, sort of, but so what? The driving suspense and the palpable atmosphere of tension and fear make this a wonderful thriller."

- Booklist (starred review)


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